IsobelDavisDr. Beteta is a professional Chiropractor who has helped me personally and many of my colleagues in the hospital’s ER.

Isobel Davis – RN, Kaiser Permanente

Drzee_portraitI highly recommend Dr. Beteta to anyone seeking Chiropractic care. Acupuncture and Chiropractic are the 1-2 punch of holistic care.

Dr. Zee Lo, Acupuncturist, L.Ac, O.M.D., Ph.D.

DrStalberg-headshotIn my experience Dr. Beteta has a holistic approach that is well suited to help many people deal with injuries.

Dr John M. Stalberg, M.D., J.D.
Forensic Psychiatrist,

Celebrity Clients

Testimonial-ChrisOviedoThank you Dr. B. for all you do to keep me not only pain free but functioning at an optimal level.

Christian Oviedo, 4x Salsa World Champion & 2x Bachata World Champion, TV/Movie Choreographer,

CharleneRoseWhen it comes to understanding the strains of a dancer, there is no one better than Dr. B, because this doctor can dance.

Charlene Rose, 5x Salsa World Champion and Movie Choreographer, model, actress, singer,

Unsolicited Testimonials

Yelp-Angeline ADr B is awesome! i was diagnosed with very bad scoliosis and i have always been having back pain since i was 15. Recently i had really really, really bad neck pain to a point i couldn’t move…after seeing Dr B i was so impressed with his work. He is a great chiropractor. i didn’t realize the importance of getting my spine adjusted regularly until after seeing him working in his office environment, I sit most of my 8 hours shift, 5 days a week, so that really tires my back. After seeing him for 2weeks, I noticed that i can sleep better and wake up feeling great and not have to drag myself out of bed. He definitely knows what he is doing. I like the fact that he took X-ray of my spine first before treating so that he knows what needs to be treated and that’s how i found out my neck spine is completely not how it should be (that’s why i have neck pain almost every day). I took my husband to see him too and he feels great after only 3 times getting adjusted. i would recommend anyone out there to see him, if u feel back pain all the time. Dr B’s got some magic hands! (I’m not saying it will work right away, but with regular visits, the spine eventually will align properly). i can’t wait to take another X-ray in 6 months to see the improvement of my spine ;)

Angeline A. West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, Recommendation: FIVE STARS

Yelp-Laura BI had a dance injury several months ago and a good friend recommended me to Dr. B. After a complete consultation/examination and X-rays Dr. B adjusted my spine. The results were miraculous…highly recommend

Laura B. Santa Monica, CA, Recommendation: FIVE STARS

Yelp-Eduardo HHad an Auto accident several years ago and my neck has never been right. After several MD visits and the usual pain med prescriptions I decided to seek Chiropractic advise. Dr. B came highly recommended but I was skeptical about Chiropractic in general. I must say I was dead wrong, the adjustment helped me almost immediately and I no longer take any pain medication for my neck.

Eduardo H. Santa Monica, CA, Recommendation: FIVE STARS